Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lunch time at Aunty Aini's Garden Cafe:)

Just come back from lunch with my dearest hubby. A'haaa.. Can comment horr? Go to auntie aini's. Expecting.. hmmmm sure lazaaat. Recommended by so many people in blog, and also MY COUSIN..
Aunty Aini's Cafe- Pandangan  Sisi

Business Hours

Our meal.. nasi putih, gulai cili api daging salai, sayur, and also puyuh goreng + Ice tea & Sirap limau..Price: RM32..

Comments: For the masak lemak cili api was not so nice. Puyuh goreng.. hmmm goreng jer pun kan. Sayur ... sayur biasa sahaja. Purposely going there wanna to try the masak lemak - i thought this is the one of theirs speciality..

Also have western meal.. chopstick.. aper2 stick yg lain laah. Tak cukup also can take all the stick around here.

Environment... so cosy, sejuk.. dalam taman kannn, even tepi lauan yang memang sibuk sepanjang masa.

Anyway, thanks to my hubby sayang. Next time kita try other meals k..

Note: Daging salai, ayam kampung batang benar is the best... cannot lawan lagik laaa :)